Guangzhou – Pearl River Cruise

Guangzhou – Pearl River Cruise

Taking an evening boat ride down the Pearl River was something we did last time and we enjoyed it just as much the second time. The kids had a blast! They spent the time alternately marveling at all of the lights and tall buildings, and running around chasing the friends they’ve made in our travel group.

Vivi and her trip BFF were in awe a lot of the time.

As a contrast, this was Vivi the last time she was on this same boat. She had just turned two and could not yet walk on her own. Years, love, braces, and lots of physical therapy make all the difference.

This time there were a lot more kids in our travel group, and all were clamoring to get the best spot to see everything. I took this picture right before they were told never to climb on the boat like this again. Do you see Viv at the bottom of the picture? She’s actually yelling at them all to get down. Some things are the same no matter where you are in the world!!

A highlight of the ride is seeing the Canton Tower all lit up. It’s the second tallest tower in the world and is truly a unique building. It lights up in a bunch of different colors and then in a rainbow.

This next picture is from almost directly beneath it.

And because it’s so cool that it deserves three pictures, here’s the rainbow version from a little farther away. Notice Micah trying to hold it up, a la all of those Leaning Tower of Pisa photos?? 🙂

A few more shots of the boat and scenery.

And last but not least, my very favorite scenery on our trip.

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