Welcome to Traveling to Later! This is site was created to help you navigate the world of travel with your special needs children and your entire family so that you can worry less about the details and concentrate on finding the joy in the journey.

Here are a few things about this site and about us:

  • We chose the name “Traveling to Later” because Jesus says several times that we don’t understand everything he is doing in this world, but that we will understand later. (See John 13:7 NIV for just one example.) So we believe that this life is all about traveling to get to “later,” when everything will be clear.
  • We have three children, two boys and a girl. Our daughter was adopted from China and we are going back to China in late 2017 to adopt our fourth child, a little boy.
  • Both of our Chinese children have spina bifida and will likely have different levels of mobility. We started this blog to relay our experiences in traveling as a family with children who have special needs.
  • We are constantly in search of our next great travel opportunity for our family. Nothing will stop us from seeing the world!